Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Water Arc Acceleration Plasma Ignition - HHO Hydrogen Cell

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Water Arc Ignition, High Voltage Plasma Lightning Ball. It is a very simple circuit devised of a 5kV coil, and a 0.5mF capacitor. These are some of the concepts I wanted to discuss with people who are interested in the subject.

Currently I came across some designs for making water explode but without a hydrogen electrolysis process. By generating a plasma electrical wave you can ignite water at rates of 4500 Meters a Second. It creates an extremely strong shock wave through the air.

Another aspect of this theory is that you can mist water into your cylinders, or a cold water vapor. Then generate a plasma spark ignition with a standard spark plug or a firestorm plug of some sort. This video is evidence that a plasma ignition in water will make a shock wave and in turn the ability to explode water inside your cylinder.

Could this have been Stanley Meyers final design before he was poisoned? Did he hold the future of the combustible engine in the palm of his hand. Water mist injector, with a plasma plug? You be the judge..

This could be the future of water powered automobiles, cars, trucks, mopeds, you name it.

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